About Us

Green Innovation, Exploration and Resources Inc. (GIERI) is a Philippine based energy company fully recognized by the Department of Energy (DOE) and other government agencies. GIERI is in the business of finding the right projects and matching them with the right investor. We assist our clients to get a clear picture of the opportunities in the Philippines and provide critical insights by identifying highly viable and timely projects.

With a good government in place and friendly investment policies enforced, the Philippines is uniquely position in its development in both the micro and macro level. There exists big opportunities for the long term for those who are keen to take the steps necessary to make a move on the Philippines rapidly growing economy.

GIERI helps to organize the right partnerships to make projects successful. We provide the assistance in the acquiring process through the due diligence phase, organizing the right structure and assistance through the completion of acquisitions as well as assisting in all phases up to operational process.

GIERI also facilitates the process of acquiring the required contracts for entering into joint venture projects. We utilize cost effective and appropriate technologies that improve productivity and yield as well as improving the long term performance of the projects invested into.


The Philiipine government promotes the rational exploration, development, utilization and conservation of mineral resources guided by it's commitment to responsible minerals development.